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Your Cheapest Non Owner Car Insurance Policy May Be At the Doorstep

Coverage for Drivers Who Don't Own Vehicles

Non-owner auto insurance policies are specially designed car covers that are offered to people who drive cars occasionally. But for driving car legally on road, one must have valid coverage.

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  • Some Facts You Must Know About Car Insurance For Non-Owners: Many buyers are not aware that a non-owner auto insurance policy can be a great alternative to full car coverage. You can save lot of money by buying a car cover of this type. Having a coverage may be better than bearing huge expenses from your pocket in emergency situations.
  • When Can A Non-Owner Car Insurance Policy Be Your Best Option: You can think of purchasing auto insurance for non owners if you don’t own a vehicle but borrow one from friends or relatives or get it on lease from a rental company for a specified time period. Such kind of car cover can give guaranteed financial protection in the form of basic liability coverage if you happen to meet with an unfortunate event like accident wherein you are at fault.
  • How Much Does An Auto Insurance For Non Car Owners Cost: For determining the overall cost of getting a non owners auto insurance policy, several factors need to be considered. These may include the extent of coverage being sought, your past driving record as well as a rough estimate of the number of times you will be driving a car, either borrowed or secured on rent.

Cheap Non Owners Car Insurance Policy Types and Benefits – Here’s A Brief Overview

Know The Types Of Non-Owned Vehicle Insurance

Depending on your specific driving needs and budget, you can get non owner car insurance policy in 3 major forms. These are as mentioned below:

Employer’s coverage: Offers liability protection to employees who drive cars occasionally for business purposes.

Hired vehicle coverage: Offers short term liability protection if you drive borrowed, rented, leased or hired car.

Any auto coverage: Offers temporary liability protection for hired and non-hired cars.

Benefits Offered By Our Best Non Owner Car Insurance Cover

  • Gives guaranteed liability protection: Non owner auto insurance policy quotes offer guaranteed financial protection to occasional drivers who borrow cars or get them on lease. Rental or borrowed cars may not be adequately insured.
  • Can help save money on rental cars: By purchasing cheap non owners auto insurance cover, it is possible to save lot of money. Such a proposition can be extremely beneficial if you get cars on rent frequently.
  • Helps keep preferred driver’s status: With a non-owner auto insurance quote purchase, it is also possible to keep your preferred driver’s status as driving car without valid insurance will be treated as “high risk” propositions.

Who Can Be Ideal Candidate For Buying A Cheap Non Owner Car Insurance?

Who Needs Non-Owner Car Insurance?

The need for getting car insurance for non car owners could be felt for a number of reasons as under:

  • Licence drivers who get cars on rent can save money on premiums that will be otherwise charged by rental companies.
  • Drivers, who frequently borrow cars, can consider buying non owner auto insurance quotes online to secure extra level of protection.
  • Drivers, who are trying to get valid driver’s license but don’t own a car, can buy this type of coverage.
  • Drivers, whose driver licenses are under suspension, can effectively use non-owner car insurance policies for filing certificate of financial accountability.
  • Non-owner vehicle covers can also be used for filling auto insurance gaps to prevent lapse in continuity of car coverage.

Determine Whether A Non Owners Car Insurance Policy Is Right For You

You may be required to purchase non owners policy car insurance if you are in one of the following situations.
  • You have been are convicted for DUI/DWI offense or some other serious traffic violations and your state needs you to file for SR-22 certification to drive car legally on road or getting driver ‘s license reinstated.
  • Having a non ownership car insurance cover may turn out to be cheaper than paying high charges to rental companies if you rent cars frequently.
  • You can find non-owner auto insurance useful if you are using car sharing service as it will give extra protection during events such as accidents.
  • Buying non owners’ auto insurance quote could be better if you borrow car from friend that has basic liability coverage which is simply not enough.
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nomoneydowncarinsurance can teach you the techniques to buy non owner car insurance online at affordable premium rates and save potentially few hundred dollars every year. There may be times when borrowed or rented cars might not be adequately insured. In such situations, it is desirable to have an additional coverage in the form of non-owner policy car insurance as that will protect from legal hassles posed by borrowed or leased car’s insurers. This way you will also secure no claims bonus on your existing policy. To know more, fix free appointment with one of our certified local agents online today.

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